Wage Slave

Wage Slave

Every few months, CGSociety.com holds a large Challenge, an art contest open to computer artists worldwide. Artists are invited to not only come up with a great image for the theme but to also post their progress every step of the way. So we post our work and everyone comments on it and gives us advice, hopefully strengthening the art along the way. It truly is a multinational effort, with illustrators from literally all over the world, as well as skill-levels across the board, too. The mid-2005 Challenge had the theme of 'Master and Servant.' I opted for a workplace theme, which many could relate to. However, I intermingled it with a bunch of H.P. Lovecraft overtones. This is the result, which was awarded an Honourable Mention in the contest.

Here you get to see the many details in this piece, the story of a hapless office worker who forgot to use his Spell Checker. There's the HP Lovecraft 4500 color printer, the obligitory Dilbert cartoon on the wall, a phone list with departments such as 'Inhuman Resources,' 'Research and Devilment,' and 'YogSothothware Support.' (It's another Lovecraft pun.) The corporate homily calender on the wall espouses the virtues of 'Obedience,' and the man's tie features a pattern of sheep. The guy at the bottom is a Deep One, with a Miskatonic University coffee mug. (More Lovecraft references... Sorry!)

If you'd like to see a walk-though of how I did this image from concept through to completion,
CGSociety has posted a very nice article showing everything.

Also, I am making some merchandise base on this image available through Cafe Press. You can get a poster, mousepad, or mug of this image here. The mug is especially cool: For one thing, you can bring it to your office, which seems appropos. It has the Cthulhu image itself on one side and an image of the NecronomiCom Phone List on the other side:

Maybe such things amuse you.

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