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Page last updated on
August 10th, 2008

This are the pages showcasing my artwork, the entire raison d'etre* of this website. The first two pages are the professional portfolio. These are the pieces that I show art directors to try to get cover jobs, submit to judgings, put up in WorldCon art shows, etcetera. There's also a page for children's artwork and other silly pictures which target at a younger (or young-at-heart) audience. If you're still dying to see more of my illustration after viewing the portfolios, the two archive pages are a good place to go. The works there are not as good but still possibly worth perusing. The 3D and Game Artwork gallery shows various 3D models, some that I've done for Blizzard Entertainment for the game Diablo II, but most of it just things that I've done on my own. This is 3D work which was produced in an entirely different manner than the digitally painted 2D works elsewhere on this site, and is not representative of my customary illustration style. The Art Direction page shows various projects that I have Art Directed, with a heavy emphasis on my most recent company, Meez. The Visual Development page includes concept art from various projects. The Diablo gallery specifically shows Diablo promotional images, such as magazine covers and web-site iamges done for that game. The spotlight gallery, going into some detail about one particular piece and how it was created. Sketches shoes some relatively recent doodles and unfinished cartoony concept work.

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* raison d'etre is French for 'dried grape of the summer.'